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Writer's Block-Be-Gone

Finally got through the period of Writer's Block I encountered, and finished chapter 10. On to chapter 11 now. If I can keep a good pace, maybe I can have all of this finished in just two weeks. Wouldn't that be fantastic. I think, with the whole file transfer thing I've been receiving emails about, I might be able to transfer this blog to my personal gmail and continue from there under the same url. If that is the case, I may adjust the tab list a bit and remap the blog site so I can embed it into my actual website. I'll have to test that to make sure embedding will actually work, though. UPDATE: Embedding the blog will work perfectly fine, as seen here:

Progress and Decisions

I think the writers block I encountered on Friday through Monday has finally come to an end. I've made good progress on the current chapter and should be amid the next one tomorrow. Some of what I've written feels...poorly written and very linear, so hopefully when I go back through the chapter later I can make it better. I've also made a few decisions for the beginning and end of the book. In the beginning I'm going to add an introduction that introduces the story, from the perspective of Whisp, to hopefully clear up some of the confusion with the beginning. At the end I plan on writing a post script sort of thing that goes over how my book came to be. I think I may try to do it in a sort-of conversation style. Me conversing with Whisp--breaking the fourth wall, if you will. I also need to start working on that essay and presentation, before they bite my butt.

Once Upon...

Next week is the last week of senior sad. It's also the last week of school for seniors...even more sad. Tonight is also Prom, and I'll be leaving in about ten minutes. I'm going stag. Looks like I won't be finishing before the projects end, but I really hope I manage to finish at least by mid June. I can't wait to publish and sell it. Then I can officially say I'm an author. Though the projects end next week I am going to keep blogging until it's complete. This blog, and my school account as a whole, will be removed from the system on June 30th, so if I'm not done before then, I'll continue blogging on my personal blog. Today I accomplished less than what I wanted, but I also had to leave school earlier than I wanted to get clothes for Prom. If my mother sends me her photos I can attach some to another post. But anyway, I'm only half way through rewriting the next chapter. The reason I'm rewriting the entire chapter is beca

Well...At Least Something is Complete

So, now it's Tuesday. Today I finished editing chapter 9. I still have some revising to do for chapter 2, and I have to finish going through markups for 3-6, but progress is at least happening. The really important part of today's update, though, is that the cover is now 100% complete. I met with Ms. Higger and Mr. Faust and they gave me a few critiques and helped me fix a few small details. I kept a log of my work on this image from when I started back in May of 2017. In total I've clocked about 23 hours of work on the image. It took me FOREVER! But I'm glad it's finally done. I'm one more step closer to publication.

Read Aloud

So, Friday I read chapters 1 and 2 alloud in the library. It went well, but I had trouble getting my eyes out of my Kindle to aknowledge my audience. I'm not the greatest presenter. Overall, I think it went well. Most of the comment cards collected stated the person would like to read more. Some were even pleasantly surprised by the content, saying they wouldn't normally think to pick up a book about foxes, but once they heard the first chapter or so, they wanted more. A handful of people said that it's just not their genre, and several more said no without any explanation. The most peculier response was to the question about my dictation and deliverance. Many people said I spoke well, emphasized what I should have, and had good varied voices for the characters. Others said I was too monotone and didn't emphasize much. The split was almost exactly 50/50. I'm unsure if how closely audience members paid attention influenced their responses, but many of the cards that

Cover Conundrum Completed

It is currently five minutes away from being Friday, so I might not actually finish writing this post before the new day arrives, but I'm going to consider this written on Thursday. So, on Wednesday I finished the cover. In total it took me 25 hours, which is way longer than it should have taken...but hey, I only have standard mechanical pencils and erasers for the sketch and a computer mouse to color and shade. So when I'm coloring pixel by goddamn pixel, it takes extra time. I plan on visiting Ms. Higger tomorrow to talk about doing some touch-ups and enhancements before it is done. Tomorrow I will also be reading the book preview, aka chapters 1 and 2, aloud during periods 3 and 4. I'm not entirely sure what kinds of classes I'll be reading to, but it will be in the library, and I will be collecting comment cards. Today I also had a meeting with a professor at the middle school, Mr. Walkowicz. He recently published a book with Kindle Direct Publishing. He explained

The Music Trip

This post is a make-up post for the one I missed last week. On the night we arrived in Philly we went to a performance of the Philidalphia Orchestra, and it was incredible. We were seated up in the balcony, as those were the only affordable seats, and looked down on the orchestra from afar. The theater had fantastic accoustics though, to carry the sound...and speakers. I only took one photo of that. The following day we went to the Franklin Institute where we watched an Omni Theater IMAX film. Each of those 45 minute long film reels are 3 miles long and can weight up to a thousand pounds. Pretty incredible. After the film we just explored the museum, though my group didn't get too far before finding the gift shop. At the shop I purchased a cool, space themed...and overpriced, stainless steel water bottle that is good for both hot and cold beverages. I also purchased a fennec fox plush to add to my collection. There's a picture of that too. After that we went to an art museum.

May 1st

Today is May first, and I've finally gotten back into the swing of things after the previous two chaotic weeks. I've finished all of chapters 8 and 9 now and will be moving on to chapter 10 soon. I think, I'll use tomorrow to finish up the cover so I can go see Ms. Higger about some image editing to touch it up a bit. Tomorrow I'll also make a make-up post for last week that goes over some of what we did on the music trip.