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So, Friday I read chapters 1 and 2 alloud in the library. It went well, but I had trouble getting my eyes out of my Kindle to aknowledge my audience. I'm not the greatest presenter. Overall, I think it went well. Most of the comment cards collected stated the person would like to read more. Some were even pleasantly surprised by the content, saying they wouldn't normally think to pick up a book about foxes, but once they heard the first chapter or so, they wanted more. A handful of people said that it's just not their genre, and several more said no without any explanation.

The most peculier response was to the question about my dictation and deliverance. Many people said I spoke well, emphasized what I should have, and had good varied voices for the characters. Others said I was too monotone and didn't emphasize much. The split was almost exactly 50/50. I'm unsure if how closely audience members paid attention influenced their responses, but many of the cards that said I was monotone looked rushed.

Over all, the presentation received a warm welcome, and I owe Mr. Reynolds a big thanks for organizing the whole thing, and helping introduce me to the audience. I really enjoyed my presentation, and I think I could get more into doing that with other things I write, in the future. I just need to practice a bit.

The comment cards were anonymous, so I have no way of reaching the people that wanted to read more, when I publish. I'm sure they'll find out somehow though.

This experience has made me all the more excited to finish the book.


  1. Drew, I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed listening to you read your novel last week. You are not only a talented writer, but an animated and entertaining speaker as well. Keep up the good work!

  2. Drew, it was great to bring my Speech class down to your reading. Your delivery was terrific! Everyone appreciated how you changed your vocal intonations to represent different characters.
    Well done!

  3. Drew-- doing that reading was so brave-- I definitely would not have been up for that in front of so many relative strangers. In HWS right after people noted how awesome it was to just go for it-- thanks for letting us witness!


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