About Me

     You perhaps saw the previous message that was here. That was mostly just a placeholder while things were set up. So, about me. Well, I love to write. Five years ago, I'd have told you that writing was the thing I hated the absolute most of anything on the planet, but then I discovered prose. Spewing out my ideas onto paper like an erupting volcano is more fun than I could've imagined. Not only has it been fun, but it's been helpful. Since I started writing for pleasure three years ago, my writing skills have gone up exponentially. One of my favorite parts of writing is creating dialogue. Dialogue is one of the parts of writing that takes a long time to become good at, but when you get the wording just right, and when the actions around it fit perfectly, it feels amazing. Another thing I love about writing is being able to look at something I've finished and think, "wow, I actually just created all of that?" It makes me really feel accomplished.
     Now, of course I'm more than just a writer. Biking is another favorite activity. And no, I don't mean a motorcycle gang. I enjoy biking on a pedal bike. Whether it be through the hills of Rocky Woods, or down the streets of town, I love it. And hey, it's good exercise too. I'm also rather fond of volleyball and skiing.
     As for hobbies, I find myself enjoying some fun puzzle and roleplay games. But, my favorite hobby, aside from writing random flash fiction, is web coding. Now, I know what you're thinking. "But Drew, you're an English nerd. English nerds aren't supposed to enjoy stuff with the number thingies!" Well, yeah. Web coding doesn't actually use many numbers, and following the English Major stereotype, I am not so good at math. Heck, I was in a High School Pre-Calculus class, and I still had to count on my fingers. Mental computations do not compute.
     The irony of all that, is that I love Astronomy and Physics...which involve a lot of numbers. And for some incredulous reason, those numbers make sense. My brain is weird, y'all.
     ...What? You want more? Okay, sheesh. No need to be pushy. If you were to ask where you'd find me if I wasn't doing any of my other hobbies or English related things, you'd find me either at a piano or with my clarinet. That's right, I love music too. Not only do I listen to music far more than is healthy, I play it too. My piano skills are...well, "meh," but I am fairly good at playing clarinet.
     Well, I think that ought to do it. Can I go now? ...wait, are those shackles? W-why do you have shackles? ...you want to know WHAT?! No, I can't answer that. If you want to know that, go find Whisp.
     Seriously? "Who is Whisp?" He's literally the main protagonist of the book--
     *crash* *click* *squeak*
     Erm, hi... I am Whisp, yes. Wait why is he-- Oh...yes, I'll--I'll answer the question.
     First, let me introduce myself. I am Whispricushennik, or Whisp. I know, the full name is quite a mouth full. I really like Biology, but not Microbiology. I prefer studying at behavioral characteristics of animals, and especially those befuddling humans. They really are a strange lot. I just don't understand why anyone would want to stick needles through so many places to hang pieces of metal.
     Hobbies? Well, I love listening to rock music, a-- what's that? What is it like living in a book? I don't live in a book. You must be crazy.
     You what? You just pulled me out of a book, you say? Preposterous! ...y-you're serious? So, that guy in chains really did create me in a story? I'm so confused now. My mind feels like it's about to explode from this ridiculous information.
     *Whisp explodes*
     Oh, now look what you've done. You've gone and killed my main protagonist! What am I going to do now?

     (Yeah, I went a bit over the top here didn't I? What can I say? I like to make merry with words.)


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