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From Whence the Change

Today, I did some further revising for chapter 7, expanding on a chunk of story that was way too short given the time frame it was supposed to cover (that being about 2 months). I also went back to the manuscript to grab a few more chunks of text for the next few chapters. The music trip is tomorrow, and I think my excitement for it has impacted my productivity over the past couple days. It seems all I've been able to think about is the trip. I'm going to try to get some work done while we are on the bus, but I can't imagine I'll get a whole lot done given how much noise there will be. There will definitely be some pictures coming over the next few days.

Once a half, O partial complete

I meant to post this blog yesterday, but I forgot. So, over break I implemented the edits I received for the first five chapters. I also finished editing and revising chapter 6...I think it was chapter 6...I ought to number these. I also did some work on the cover pieced and finished a majority of the coloring...just need to color the sky really. Today and yesterday I worked on more editing and finished chapter 7 and half of 8 so far. This puts me at almost half way through the editing process. I hope I have enough time to start thinking about publication before I run out of time.

Friday The 13th Update

I forgot to do this yesterday, so I'm doing it now. So, I am now in the midst of editing chapters 6 and 7. I also decided it might be helpful to create a map of the area where Whisp. That way travel time is easier to figure out. For town names, I've got a nice list: Mousefield, Newtton, Digger, Hopington, Westwoof, Tadpole, Shrewborn, Boarton, Foxburrow, Roochester (pronounced rooster), Roachester (pronounced roach-ester), Wolfsley, Norferret, Catton, Stoaton, Dogham, Birchtree, Franklion, Mandrillis, Narwhood, Framinghog... That's a list of towns that may appear on the map when I get to sketching it. Maybe you can figure out what town names I've parodied?

I Are Nincompoop

Image happened. First, lemme backtrack a bit. Yesterday was DLD and there was no school, so I decided "hey, I'll take the day off too." Yeah big mistake. Should'a used that time to apply the markups from my outside mentor Wayne. Instead I did that today, and then I got caught up trying to find and remove redundancies that I didn't actually get to editing chapter 6 like I had intended. I really haven't accomplished as much as I would've liked in the past couple days. Tomorrow I'm going to finish editing chapter 6 so I can send out 3, 4, 5, and 6 to Wayne and Mr. Reynolds for their feedback. Then I'll be able to start figuring out chapters 7 and 8. I've decided that it would be in my best interest to also work on weekends to ensure I have enough time to do the work that needs to be done. This Saturday in particular, I am going to dedicate my time to finishing the cover. I just got a brand new microphone too (which is completely unrelated t

So, Progress is a Thing

So here we are, Monday night and day three of Senior Projects. Today I met with my outside mentor, and he handed me a stack of papers with his markups from chapters 1 and 2 of the book. His wife even has taken an interest in my work and offered a few suggestions herself. I'm pleased with what I've accomplished in the past few days. I'm now doing some editing work for chapter 6, though I need to do another round of editing myself, at least on the last few chapters before I forward anything to Wayne and Mr. Reynolds. Tomorrow there is no school, so I'll be working from home. I think I'll go through the markups I received today and fix some things, and try to implement some of these suggestions elsewhere. I'm also going to see if I can actually finish the cover. (I'm going to attach it in this post.) By the end of this week, I hope to have a start on a draft for a cover letter to be sent to publishers once the manuscript is ready. Gotta sell it to the publisher

And So It Begins

I meant to make this post earlier but I didn't have time. Anyway, the project is off to a great start. A couple days ago, my inside mentor, outside mentor, and I all met and formed a battle plan. We've decided, in lieu of the time frame, to edit and finalize the manuscript while simultaneously researching publication and drafting a cover letter. In terms of edits today, I finally added got around to implicating the stuff I needed to clarify various concepts that were introduced in the earlier chapters. I also fixed several consistency errors that I didn't previously know even existed. The cover is also nearly finished, so I may wrap that up this weekend. On a side note, I'll be 19 tomorrow, WOOHOO!