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Next week is the last week of senior projects...so sad. It's also the last week of school for seniors...even more sad. Tonight is also Prom, and I'll be leaving in about ten minutes. I'm going stag.

Looks like I won't be finishing before the projects end, but I really hope I manage to finish at least by mid June. I can't wait to publish and sell it. Then I can officially say I'm an author. Though the projects end next week I am going to keep blogging until it's complete. This blog, and my school account as a whole, will be removed from the system on June 30th, so if I'm not done before then, I'll continue blogging on my personal blog.

Today I accomplished less than what I wanted, but I also had to leave school earlier than I wanted to get clothes for Prom. If my mother sends me her photos I can attach some to another post. But anyway, I'm only half way through rewriting the next chapter. The reason I'm rewriting the entire chapter is because there were two events in previous chapters that I decided to remove. As a result, practically all of the chapter would make no sense at all. I'm going to have to rewrite several aspects of future chapters as a result of these changes as well, but none will be quite as affected as this one. I think it's chapter 10. I'll try to do more work on it this weekend.


  1. You sound like a legit writer, Drew! :-) So much of it is about revision. It's ok if you don't finish - but you will definitely need to keep us all posted so we can buy a copy when you do publish it. Then you'll have to come and visit to sign it, of course! Hope prom was fun. Enjoy these last few days. Peace, Ms Sawtelle


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