Spring Semester Update

Semester two of my freshman year has just begun. Honestly, I can't believe I've made it this far. It's been a lot of work and will only get harder, but I've really enjoyed it so far.

Now, you're all here for the writing I imagine, so...I haven't progressed much since the last update. There's just not enough time. However, on the train I was able to write a new short story. It's loosely based on the Japanese Shinto religion and features a a human, a kitsune, a demon, and Amaterasu the sun goddess an unexplained wolf form. The current version is up on the site ( if you'd like to read. I think it's a little rushed and there are some parts I've been thinking about changing, so I may update it in the future, but we'll see.

Also, bit of an update on the site itself. There was been an annoying glitch where if you're on the blog through the site and click on one of the other site…

Mid-semester update

HOLY S***! So much work to do in college! I've found some time here and there to work on the book, and finally I've finished chapter 12. I can move on to 13 now, and maybe have it done by Christmas break. My plan is to review chapters 6 through whatever I get to by then for a second round of revisions and then to get a few more chapters written. If I can stick to that I might just have the book published by the end of next summer. If I can publish it even earlier I will. It all depends on my schoolwork really.

As of right now, my averages in every class, except my Effective Writing class, are A range (I have over a 100% in computer science WOO!). I think my average for the writing class is around a B or B-. He's only graded a few things, and he's a tough grader. I suppose I should expect as much from a doctor of writing.

As much work as it all is, I am enjoying it. Oh, and I have some exciting news. I'm in training right now to use the school's radio station eq…

The Work Continues

Well, progress has definitely been slower than I had hoped when I started the senior project back in April, but I'm making headway. I also got a little mixed up with chapter numbers, but I'm now working on Chapter 10. This is the second chapter I've decided to rewrite, and I'm about 1300 words in of a target around 3000. When we return from Maine I'm going to open up that writer's block kit I have at home and see if I can't find something to gas up my creative engine to get it going again; it's been sputtering out a lot lately. Anyway, time to get back to work.


I meant to post this a while ago, but maybe you'll notice that I'm posting now as a different author. I've successfully transferred ownership of the blog to my personal gmail, and can keep everyone update from here as I continue work on the book. Speaking of which, I'm half way through rewriting chapter 11. Due to earlier changes, practically the whole thing was obsolete.

Getting back to the updates, I've also embedded the blog on my site, and it can be accessed on a url that, I think, is much easier to remember:

Also, since the senior project is over, this blog no longer needs to be dedicated to just that book, so I'll post updates about some of my other projects as well.

With that in mind, I'd like to introduce another big project of mine to you all. It is a novella I am half way through writing. It is called "Plight of Redfang: Hellwrit." This novella is about a fox princess who finds herself alone amid a raging w…

Writer's Block-Be-Gone

Finally got through the period of Writer's Block I encountered, and finished chapter 10. On to chapter 11 now. If I can keep a good pace, maybe I can have all of this finished in just two weeks. Wouldn't that be fantastic.

I think, with the whole file transfer thing I've been receiving emails about, I might be able to transfer this blog to my personal gmail and continue from there under the same url. If that is the case, I may adjust the tab list a bit and remap the blog site so I can embed it into my actual website. I'll have to test that to make sure embedding will actually work, though.

UPDATE: Embedding the blog will work perfectly fine, as seen here:

Progress and Decisions

I think the writers block I encountered on Friday through Monday has finally come to an end. I've made good progress on the current chapter and should be amid the next one tomorrow. Some of what I've written feels...poorly written and very linear, so hopefully when I go back through the chapter later I can make it better. I've also made a few decisions for the beginning and end of the book. In the beginning I'm going to add an introduction that introduces the story, from the perspective of Whisp, to hopefully clear up some of the confusion with the beginning. At the end I plan on writing a post script sort of thing that goes over how my book came to be. I think I may try to do it in a sort-of conversation style. Me conversing with Whisp--breaking the fourth wall, if you will. I also need to start working on that essay and presentation, before they bite my butt.

Once Upon...

Next week is the last week of senior sad. It's also the last week of school for seniors...even more sad. Tonight is also Prom, and I'll be leaving in about ten minutes. I'm going stag.

Looks like I won't be finishing before the projects end, but I really hope I manage to finish at least by mid June. I can't wait to publish and sell it. Then I can officially say I'm an author. Though the projects end next week I am going to keep blogging until it's complete. This blog, and my school account as a whole, will be removed from the system on June 30th, so if I'm not done before then, I'll continue blogging on my personal blog.

Today I accomplished less than what I wanted, but I also had to leave school earlier than I wanted to get clothes for Prom. If my mother sends me her photos I can attach some to another post. But anyway, I'm only half way through rewriting the next chapter. The reason I'm rewriting the entire chapter is because…