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Mid-semester update

HOLY S***! So much work to do in college! I've found some time here and there to work on the book, and finally I've finished chapter 12. I can move on to 13 now, and maybe have it done by Christmas break. My plan is to review chapters 6 through whatever I get to by then for a second round of revisions and then to get a few more chapters written. If I can stick to that I might just have the book published by the end of next summer. If I can publish it even earlier I will. It all depends on my schoolwork really. As of right now, my averages in every class, except my Effective Writing class, are A range (I have over a 100% in computer science WOO!). I think my average for the writing class is around a B or B-. He's only graded a few things, and he's a tough grader. I suppose I should expect as much from a doctor of writing. As much work as it all is, I am enjoying it. Oh, and I have some exciting news. I'm in training right now to use the school's radio station