Cover Conundrum Completed

It is currently five minutes away from being Friday, so I might not actually finish writing this post before the new day arrives, but I'm going to consider this written on Thursday. So, on Wednesday I finished the cover. In total it took me 25 hours, which is way longer than it should have taken...but hey, I only have standard mechanical pencils and erasers for the sketch and a computer mouse to color and shade. So when I'm coloring pixel by goddamn pixel, it takes extra time. I plan on visiting Ms. Higger tomorrow to talk about doing some touch-ups and enhancements before it is done. Tomorrow I will also be reading the book preview, aka chapters 1 and 2, aloud during periods 3 and 4. I'm not entirely sure what kinds of classes I'll be reading to, but it will be in the library, and I will be collecting comment cards.

Today I also had a meeting with a professor at the middle school, Mr. Walkowicz. He recently published a book with Kindle Direct Publishing. He explained to me how the system works and gave me some tips for first time publishers. He also provided me with a site/company I can use to copyright the book. Copyrighting costs about $150, so he suggested I publish the book initially under public domain, and use the money I make from that to pay for copyrighting. I may do just that since the money I'm making from my work at Shaw's will be going toward college textbooks and fun stuff at college.

Anyway, here's the book cover right now. It may look a bit different when publication comes.

On a side note, when senior projects end I probably won't be done. I will keep this blog going as long as I can, but it may be deleted when my school email is gone. Before that happens, I will likely switch to the blog on my website to continue updates; I believe one of the tabs here links to it. If my plans change, I'll post an update.

It is now 12:18. I was right.


  1. Drew, amazing work on your book cover, you know what you want for the end result and you are working so hard towards it. Keep striving and great job! It was great to see you in the halls today.


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