I meant to post this a while ago, but maybe you'll notice that I'm posting now as a different author. I've successfully transferred ownership of the blog to my personal gmail, and can keep everyone update from here as I continue work on the book. Speaking of which, I'm half way through rewriting chapter 11. Due to earlier changes, practically the whole thing was obsolete.

Getting back to the updates, I've also embedded the blog on my site, and it can be accessed on a url that, I think, is much easier to remember: https://whispwriting.net/blog.

Also, since the senior project is over, this blog no longer needs to be dedicated to just that book, so I'll post updates about some of my other projects as well.

With that in mind, I'd like to introduce another big project of mine to you all. It is a novella I am half way through writing. It is called "Plight of Redfang: Hellwrit." This novella is about a fox princess who finds herself alone amid a raging war between the four clans, and turns to a nearby wolf pack for help. This novella is a bit more of an adult piece as some of the content is...R-rated, and there is a bit more fowl language. Here, perhaps you'd like to read the synopsis:

She was a refugee,
she watched her mother die.
She built up an army,
to fight by her side.

She saw horrors and saw hell.
Nothing in this world can quell,
the raging fire not-in-control,
nor goddess powers in her soul.

She and friends 
she's closest to,
find someone 
to help them through.

Together will they find a way,
to keep this world and war at bay?
Or will they fail and fall to shambles,
as a nation whose lost their gambles...


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