Mid-semester update

HOLY S***! So much work to do in college! I've found some time here and there to work on the book, and finally I've finished chapter 12. I can move on to 13 now, and maybe have it done by Christmas break. My plan is to review chapters 6 through whatever I get to by then for a second round of revisions and then to get a few more chapters written. If I can stick to that I might just have the book published by the end of next summer. If I can publish it even earlier I will. It all depends on my schoolwork really.

As of right now, my averages in every class, except my Effective Writing class, are A range (I have over a 100% in computer science WOO!). I think my average for the writing class is around a B or B-. He's only graded a few things, and he's a tough grader. I suppose I should expect as much from a doctor of writing.

As much work as it all is, I am enjoying it. Oh, and I have some exciting news. I'm in training right now to use the school's radio station equipment. I'm going to have a classical music show that can be streamed online or through the app, and it will be live too, so you can send messages to me and ask questions while I'm broadcasting, AND I CAN ANSWER THEM! After I've been trained and have created a demo recording I'll be able to get a show time. When I do I'll let you all know.

And of course I applied to be on staff for the Loyola literary magazine, Corridors. Well anyway, see you all later.


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