So, Progress is a Thing

So here we are, Monday night and day three of Senior Projects. Today I met with my outside mentor, and he handed me a stack of papers with his markups from chapters 1 and 2 of the book. His wife even has taken an interest in my work and offered a few suggestions herself. I'm pleased with what I've accomplished in the past few days. I'm now doing some editing work for chapter 6, though I need to do another round of editing myself, at least on the last few chapters before I forward anything to Wayne and Mr. Reynolds. Tomorrow there is no school, so I'll be working from home. I think I'll go through the markups I received today and fix some things, and try to implement some of these suggestions elsewhere. I'm also going to see if I can actually finish the cover. (I'm going to attach it in this post.) By the end of this week, I hope to have a start on a draft for a cover letter to be sent to publishers once the manuscript is ready. Gotta sell it to the publishers before they'll sell it to the public, y'know. Eventually I'll have to post a synopsis somewhere here for all to see. I may also include some voice overs for the names of the characters because some of the names are confusing to pronounce. Also, what if I were to make an audio book version? On a side note, I thought I should mention that wrote up an actual thing for the "About Me" page. Now then, picture time!


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